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Math Interactive Learning Software for Schools, Homeschool and Self-Study

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  • Immersive, interactive homeschool and self-study math tutorial software
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Math Tutorial Software for Schools, Homeschool and Self-Study


Math Tutor educational software series

has transformed math learning for thousands of high school and middle school students and adults. The series features dynamic, highly interactive tutorials with compelling visual aids to enrich the learning experience. Students work at their own pace, building skills and confidence one step at a time. Educators agree that the Math Tutor series is an exceptional resource for math learning.
Schools seeking

curriculum based interactive math learning software

for Grades 6-12 will find the series to be ideal. Parents wanting homeschool math learning and tutorial software will also find the series to be ideal. Schools, families, and individuals alike have found the Math Tutor series to offer the

best math educational teaching software

available anywhere. The series is also effective for remedial and developmental math instruction.
The subject of pre-algebra serves as a critical foundation for the math subjects that follow. Our

pre-algebra tutorial software program

helps students master the concepts of pre-algebra and build proficiency in problem solving. It will give students outstanding preparation for the math courses to come.
Each of the subjects that follow pre-algebra - algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, and calculus - is given outstanding, comprehensive treatment by other programs in the series. For example, Algebra 1 in the "Concepts and Skills Series" will help students learn the concepts of elementary algebra, and basic problem solving. Algebra 1 in the "Practice and Review Series" will help students build mastery in solving problems of intermediate and advanced difficulty.
Educators have noted how the programs in the Math Tutor series help students learn from their mistakes. Specially designed tutoring features help students understand the reason for an incorrect answer, and how to find the correct answer next time.
The Math Tutor series features self-paced lessons suitable for students at all levels of ability. The series helps students achieve a deep understanding of key math concepts and gain the confidence so critical for success in math.
Additional titles in the Math Tutor series include SAT/ACT Math, and Learning Business Math.
math tutor educational software for learning and remediation math tutor algebra and geometry learning apps for better grades
  • "Students are enraptured by the graphics and animation! The tutorials are outstanding in explaining concepts that students often struggle with."

    Mr. Angelo Costabile
    Math Department Chairman
    North Providence, RI
  • "Our son was failing algebra, and we had almost given up hope. Your software program made all the difference. Now math is his favorite subject!"

    D. Hoffman
    Trenton, NJ
  • "The use of animation is especially effective in conveying the concepts and operations of mathematics."

    Mr. Bob Albrecht
    Writer/Educational Consultant
    Sebastopol Schools, Sebastopol, CA
  • "The MathTutor series is the best educational investment we have ever made. We are homeschooling our children and the progress they have made is astonishing. We can't thank you enough."

    Mrs. M. Valentine
    Orlando, FL
  • "This is an outstanding software series that students at all levels can use to improve their math skills."

    Dr. A. Saleski
    Mathematics Department
    Loyola University, Chicago, IL
  • "Our daughter's teacher recommended your series and we're so glad he did. To our amazement algebra is now her favorite subject, and she takes pride in explaining math to her friends."

    Mrs. G. D. Haskins
    Stillwater, MN
  • "The MathTutor series has been remarkably effective in helping students develop problem-solving skills."

    Mr. Don Hunter
    Mathematics Instructor
    Kennett, MO
  • "Our Math Lab has a variety of software packages. None have been more effective than the MathTutor series in building math skills. Your software is outstanding."

    Mr. Eric Landon
    Technology Coordinator
    Wayland, MA
  • "Students at all levels benefit from the wide range of problem solving exercises, and the diagnostic evaluations of their performance."

    Mr. Bob Huntington
    Math Teacher
    Novato High School, Novato, CA
  • "We bought the MathTutor series after reading a review and we are thrilled. Our son's math grade has gone from a C- to an A, and his confidence has soared. We are deeply grateful for your wonderful software."

    Mr. R. Teller
    Bakersfield, CA
  • "The MathTutor series is absolutely amazing. I tell my students it is far and away the best math educational program I have seen. It's great for students who are already good at math and those who are having difficulty."

    Mrs. Ernesta Wallace
    9th Grade Math Teacher
    Columbia, MO
  • "Your series embodies the best in educational software. It is a remarkable resource for math educators!"

    Ms. Barbara Cox
    Educational Consultant and Reviewer
    Milwaukee, WI
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