Math Tutor Interactive Learning Software - School Versions


Math Tutor educational software series

is a proven family of

high school and middle school math interactive teaching and review tutorial software programs.

Schools seeking curriculum based math teaching software for Grades 6-12 will find the series to be ideal.
Educators in need of

pre-algebra academic tutorial software,

calculus interactive courseware, or stimulating computer aided instruction in any of the Grades 6-12 math subjects, will find the Math Tutor series to be the ideal investment. Our algebra 1 learning program has consistently been recognized as the best available.
The Math Tutor series features

math learning and review software programs

that have been acclaimed for their educational excellence and outstanding instructional design. The programs are suitable for students at all levels of ability.
Educators seeking remedial and developmental math software will also find the series to be highly effective.
The programs in the Math Tutor series use graphics and animation to enrich the learning experience. Problem solving exercises are customized to each student's abilities.
Schools emphasizing STEM education will find the Math Tutor series to be an ideal resource. The programs in the series provide, in addition to a comprehensive math curriculum, additional lessons and exercises with applications in science, engineering and the environment.
  • Outstanding curriculum-based software designed by math educators
  • Ideal as a supplement to classroom instruction, for remediation or enhancement, for self-study, and for preparation for standardized exams
  • Each program is complete and self-contained, providing comprehensive curriculum-based coverage of all topics normally taught in a one-year course
  • Network versions available for Windows and Novell networks
Math learning software and apps for schools
Network Versions Include Outstanding Student Recordkeeping and Performance Analysis Features

The Student Recordkeeping and Performance Analysis System lets teachers monitor each student's progress, and gives teachers profiles of each student's strengths and weaknesses.
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