Company Overview and Mission

MathTutor Educational Software, Inc. is a leading publisher of self-study tutorial software for Grades 6-12 math. The MathTutor series has been acclaimed for its educational excellence and outstanding instructional design.
The first group of software titles developed by the company, under the name "Intelligent Tutor", were released in 1983, and included an SAT preparation program and drill and practice programs for pre-algebra through calculus. In the years since, the company's offerings, now titled the "MathTutor Software Series", have been completely redesigned, fueled by cutting-edge research and advances in technology. The programs in the series provide interactive, adaptive computer tutorials personalized for each student. Graphics and animation are used extensively to help students gain a visual understanding of the concepts of math and master problem-solving. The series is available for Web-based learning and for desktop PCs.
The MathTutor series is the product of the company's team of educators, educational researchers, and textbook authors. It has helped students in over 3,000 schools across the country, and worldwide, to learn and master Grades 6-12 math.
The award-winning MathTutor series has won the acclaim of educators, and the praise of parents and students. We take great pride in the recognition the MathTutor series has achieved, and are committed to continuing to lead in the development of outstanding math instructional software, and making math a meaningful part of the everyday lives of students.
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