Testimonials - School Versions

"Students are enraptured by the graphics and animation! The tutorials are outstanding in explaining concepts that students often struggle with."
Mr. Angelo Costabile
Math Department Chairman
North Providence, RI
"The use of animation is especially effective in conveying the concepts and operations of mathematics."
Mr. Bob Albrecht
Writer/Educational Consultant
Sebastopol Schools, Sebastopol, CA
"This is an outstanding software series that students at all levels can use to improve their math skills."
Dr. A. Saleski
Mathematics Department
Loyola University, Chicago, IL
"The MathTutor series has been remarkably effective in helping students develop problem-solving skills."
Mr. Don Hunter
Mathematics Instructor
Kennett, MO
"Students benefit greatly from the wide range of problem solving exercises, and the diagnostic evaluations of their performance."
Mr. Bob Huntington
Math Teacher
Novato High School, Novato, CA
"Your series embodies the best in educational software. It is a remarkable resource for math educators!"
Ms. Barbara Cox
Educational Consultant and Reviewer
Milwaukee, WI
The testimonials above are a small sampling of the many we have received from teachers and other educators.