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ADVANCED BUSINESS MATH is an outstanding

tutorial software program for business, financial and consumer math.

  The program is designed to help students of business and finance learn the concepts of advanced business math and master problem-solving.
The program covers the math of buying and selling, loans and financing, investments, and taxes and insurance. Carefully crafted lessons provide a dynamic learning experience and help students gain a visual understanding of the concepts of business math. On-demand coaching and hints are available as students learn.
Schools seeking quality

instructional software for advanced business math

will find the program to be well adapted to their needs.
Parents seeking homeschool business and consumer math self-study software will find the program to be ideal.
ADVANCED BUSINESS MATH has been acclaimed for its design and flexibility. It can be used to supplement classroom instruction and for self-study.
Designed by experienced math educators, the program provides dynamic business and financial math lessons suitable for students at all levels of ability.
Examples and business math problem solving exercises progress gradually from the simpler to the more challenging, allowing students to build their skills and confidence.
  • Award-winning, curriculum-based business and consumer math courseware developed by math educators
  • Provides dynamic, interactive advanced business math lessons and tutorials on problem solving
  • Demonstrated success in boosting students' problem solving skills
  • Network versions contain student record-keeping, grading, and performance analysis features
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Windows 7/8
  • Windows 10
PRICING Single User Version: $49.95
Network/Site License Version: $350.00
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Buying: Trade and Cash Discounts
  • Single and Chain Discounts
  • Single Discount Equivalents
  • Cash Discounts, Ordinary Dating Method
  • Other Cash Discounts, Partial Payments
Selling: Markups and Markdowns
  • Markup Based on Cost
  • Markup Based on Selling Price
  • Markdown
  • Inventory Turnover and Valuation
Simple Interest
  • Calculating Simple Interest
  • Principal, Rate, and Time
  • Simple Discount Notes
  • Discounting a Note Before Maturity
Compound Interest, Present Value
  • Compound Interest
  • Daily Interest
  • Calculating Present Value
Consumer and Business Loans
  • Revolving Charge Credit Cards
  • Installment Buying
  • Prepaying Loans
  • Real Estate Loans
Insurance and Taxes
  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Property Tax
  • Federal and State Income Tax
  • Straight-Line Method
  • Units-of-Production Method
  • Declining-Balance Method
  • Sum-Of-The-Years Digits Method
  • Using MACRS Methods
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