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LEARNING BUSINESS MATH has been acclaimed for its educational excellence and flexibility, and can be used for self-study and as a supplement to classroom instruction.
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Examples and business math problem solving exercises progress gradually from the simpler to the more challenging, allowing students to build their skills and confidence. Detailed step by step explanations are provided for each problem.
Specially designed tutoring features help students learn from their mistakes. Students learn the reason for an incorrect answer, and how to find the correct solution next time.
  • Award-winning, curriculum-based business and consumer math courseware developed by math educators
  • Provides dynamic, interactive business math lessons that are ideal for self-study, and as a supplement to classroom instruction
  • Demonstrated success in boosting students' math skills and comprehension, and proficiency in problem solving
  • Network versions contain student record-keeping, grading, and performance analysis features
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Review of Basic Math Skills
  • Place Value
  • Adding Decimal Numbers
  • Subtracting Decimal Numbers
  • Multiplying Decimal Numbers
  • Dividing Decimal Numbers
  • Order of Operations
Percents, Decimals, and Fractions
  • Percents and Decimal Numbers
  • Percents and Fractions
  • Using the Percent Equation
  • Percent Problems Using Proportions
Income and Wages I
  • Hourly Pay
  • Overtime Pay
  • Total Pay
  • Weekly Time Card I
  • Weekly Time Card II
Income and Wages II
Federal, State, Other Taxes
  • Federal Income Tax
  • State Income Tax
  • Graduated State Income Tax
  • Social Security Tax
  • Group Insurance
  • Earnings Statements
Checking Accounts
  • Deposits
  • Writing Checks
  • Check Registers
  • Bank Statements
  • Reconciling Bank Statements
Savings Accounts
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Passbooks
  • Account Statements
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
Cash Purchases and Comparison Shopping
  • Sales Tax
  • Total Purchase Price
  • Unit Pricing
  • Finding the Better Buy
  • Coupons and Rebates
  • Markdown
  • Sale Price
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We purchased LEARNING BUSINESS MATH and want you to know how pleased we are. Our son wants to study business and he needed help in his school's business and consumer math class. The program's lessons were interactive and engaging, and he loved the program. We will be ordering your ADVANCED BUSINESS MATH course next semester. Mrs. Leona Wolfe
Monsey, NY

I teach business math at the local high school and I've recommended LEARNING BUSINESS MATH as an outstanding resource for students needing extra help. It's well designed and extremely effective. Mr. Perry Duncan
Tacoma, WA

I am returning to college to pursue a business degree. The business math class I was taking was challenging, but your program gave me the boost I needed. I'm a visual learner and the animation helped a lot. Thank you. Michele Palmer
Roseville, MI

We homeschool our children and chose LEARNING BUSINESS MATH when we saw it endorsed by a homeschool support group. It deserves recognition. Business math can be a bit dull, but the lessons and problem explanations are truly engaging. Ms. Dianne Pittman
Ankeny, IA

My grandson wanted software for his new computer and I picked your business math program. He loves it! I wish other courses in high school had educational software as effective as this. Ira Briggs
Fair Lawn, NJ

I've tried many educational software packages and want to compliment you. The animations and step by step explanations are unique. I will be ordering your complete series very soon. Mr. William Saunders
Irmo, SC

Our daughter told us she loves your business and consumer math software. It's given her confidence in her class, and I'm sure we'll be using it with our younger child. Thank you! Mrs. Sharon Dalton
Paducah, KY

Our son was having difficulty in his business math class, and he borrowed LEARNING BUSINESS MATH from the school library. He told us that the lessons and problem explanations were outstanding, and his grades are now far better. We've purchased the program and are very pleased. Mrs. Henry Campione
Odessa, TX

Your business math program deserves a great deal of praise. The text they are using in our daughter's class leaves a lot to be desired. She's using your software to get the help she needs. Thank you very much. Mr. Stuart Hapgood
Oak Ridge, TN

LEARNING BUSINESS MATH is the best educational software package I've seen. We use it in our tutoring center and wish that other software packages we have purchased were nearly as effective. Dalton Pollard
Tampa, FL