Sample Recordkeeping Screens - Homeschool and Self-Study Versions

Recordkeeping is an important feature of the programs in the MathTutor series. The reports that are produced provide students and parents with valuable information about student performance and achievement. The reports can also provide students with an additional, equally important benefit - positive reinforcement and motivation. The screens below are from our pre-algebra interactive learning program.
Two recordkeeping reports are available in the self-study versions of the MathTutor series:

Detailed Log
This report displays a complete history of a student's use of the program. Detailed information about each study session is provided, including dates, lessons studied, percentage of problems answered correctly, grades, and the results of lesson tests. The report provides several valuable sorting options. For example, a student's areas of strength and weakness can be quickly identified by sorting based on percent.
This report can also be printed.

Summary Report
This report provides a valuable summary of a student's performance and achievements in each lesson, while omitting the details of each individual study session. The report displays percentages and grades for each lesson, and indicates if the student has successfully completed the lesson by passing a lesson test. Students and parents can also use the report to quickly identify lessons that have not yet been completed by the student.
This report can also be printed.